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Yagya Bilas Poudel (Y.B.)

Welcome to Central College of Vocational Training Pvt. Ltd. Every year we have gained appreciation. Our consultancy values lie in the happiness of our students, parents and appreciation from our clients. The trend of studying abroad for higher education is ever increasing and Central College is able to offer a wide selection of quality institutions in Japan. The main objective of the company is to provide best counseling services for abroad study as well as excellent language test preparation, helping documentation and visa processing. We have Japanese language classes and computer training programs and we are an authentic academic institution which always stands for career counseling, proper guidelines for selecting colleges and universities. We have experienced, dedicated, highly intellectual and qualified team to meet its objectives. Central College is  committed to the highest standards of international  education excellence and quality of services to the student’s fraternity. We have a great tradition of serving our valued students to achieve their goals and make them complete satisfaction through efficient management and excellent services, which we continue to maintain with our untiring efforts.

With connections worldwide and an experience of 20 glorious years, we are a brand that you will be proud to be associated with today. From high-breed 360 methodologies to staff trained onsite which means that our counselors are actually trained by the International Students Admissions Representatives of the respective colleges and universities we are a class apart. You will be fully satisfied with our service. I hope you decide to join us and I look forward to meet you.

Thank You !!